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Retriever News

We are expanding our facility into the building next door.  This will allow us to do more training and keep more dogs for adoption.  If you have experience keeping or training dogs, please contact us for possible job openings.  


We have recently signed a new contract to train police dogs for the Austin Police.  We are excited to get a new group of dogs to work with.  If anybody knows of German Shepard puppies, we need about 10 more dogs to fill the required amount for this training program.


We have been invited to use a local hunting lease that we have been training dogs for.  Any Working Dogs members that wish to hunt here can do so by showing their membership cards at the hunting lodge.



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Meet the Labradors

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Labrador Retrievers are excellent breeds for the family.  Their color ranges from black, chocolate, and yellow.  They are also great hunting and service dogs.  We primarily train them along with their cousin, the Golden Retriever, for service assistance duties like aiding the blind, deaf, autistic, and those in wheelchairs.

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We have lab puppies that are put through our different programs.  If you are interested in purchasing puppies that are trained for your needs, then contact us for pricing and availabiliy time frames.

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